Urine Tests

There are two common types of urine test-

A Dipstick test, which we can do at the surgery

A Urine Culture, which is sent to the Hospital.

Urine Dipstick test

You will need a White top bottle.

Please write your name and date of birth on the bottle, then drop it at the frontdesk.

We will test it at the surgery, usually the same day.

If there is anything on the test to suggest infection, a sample is sent to theHospital.

It is worth ringing the surgery to check the result the next day, and speak to adoctor if there is anything unusual.



Urine Culture


You will need a Red top bottle, plastic bag and a form with your details onit.

(If you have not been given a bag or form, please discuss this when you drop offthe sample.)

Please write your name anddate of birth on the bottle, then drop it at the front desk.


It is sent to the lab at the Hospital in Dorchester.


Results usually take a week to get back to us.

However, if you are given antibiotics for a water infection and feel no better in a dayor two (or if you feel worse), please get in contact.

Please contact the surgery to check the result a week later.


Very occasionally, results are not sent through to us from the lab, so it is worthcontacting the surgery yourself to make sure they have arrived.