Blood Tests

A Nurse or Health Care Assistant will take your blood test.

You can make the appointment at the front desk.



Please contact the surgery to check the result a week later. Some tests do take a couple of weeks to come back.

(e.g. Coeliac test or Lyme disease.)


Very occasionally, results are not sent through to us from the lab, so it is worth contacting the surgery yourself to make sure they have arrived.


Fasting Blood Test


This type of blood test is used for cholesterol and fasting blood sugar levels.


You should not have anything to eat or drink for 12 hours before the test, except sips of water.

(e.g. if your test is at 9 a.m., have nothing to eat after 9pm the night before.)

You can have something to eat straight after the test.


Please tell your doctor if you are diabetic, as you may not be safe fasting overnight.